Merry and bright


The holidays can be a little bit hectic. Every year, there’s the shopping, the cooking, and the entertaining to contend with, but in 2020 you can add the pressures of, well, 2020. After a year like this, the extra baggage of making this holiday special as a tonic against the rest of the year adds just that much stress to an already stressful season.  

This year, more than any other year, you need to make self-care a priority. 

“Everyone’s going to be seeing family for the first time in a long time, so you want to look your best,” said Dr. Adam Squicquero with Howard Family Dental.  

To that end, it might be a perfect opportunity to schedule a whitening and get yourself camera-ready for holiday pictures. 

“It’s the quickest, easiest way, especially if you’ve been putting off regular cleanings or gum treatments,” he said. 

Those who have been putting off their regular dental cleanings due to the pandemic should know that dental offices are some of the cleanest, safest places you can be. And, there’s an extra incentive for planning that cleaning and whitening now. 

“A lot of people want to utilize some of their insurance by the end of the year before their benefits expire,” added Dr. Matthew Mastrorocco of ROC Dental Group.  


In addition to whitening, Dr. Mastrorocco sees a noticeable uptick in veneers and crownwork this time of year, spurred on by both the impending insurance deadline and the need to look their best when family comes to town. 

Beyond a dazzling smile, self-care means pampering yourself and putting your best face forward as the holidays approach. 

“A must on the self-care agenda should be a Lumen Chemical Peel. It’s time to say goodbye to our ‘maskne’ skin as well as that dull, deprived indoor skin,” said Susan M. Ciccarelli L.E. with LUX~A Medical Spa. “2021 is going to be the year of fresh, renewed and glowing skin.” 

And it’s not just about that one-time treatment. Although, the stressors of the season make that spa day attractive. 

“The Christmas season is filled with joy, fun and a mad rush of gift buying,” Carmen A. Traywick, board-certified dermatologist and co-owner of LUX ~ A Medical Spa said. “For all of you ladies who do nothing but think of others during this time, take a little break for yourselves and enjoy a facial, chemical peel or get started on a new regimen to get your skin in great shape for the new year.” 

And of course, while you’re out enjoying your day of self-care, pick up a little something for your own stocking.  

Feven Hadgu, general manager at FACES DaySpa, offers a few recommendations from the retail side, including the “Warm Buddies” neck wrap that can be heated in the microwave for a soothing, wearable aromatherapy session, and the “To Go Spa,” a patch that makes a perfect pick-me up. 

For long-term care, Hadgu stresses the importance of drinking plenty of water during the holidays.  

“You always need to keep skin hydrated, especially if you’re going to be eating a lot of food and drinking alcohol,” Hadgu said. 

Water isn’t the only thing you should be doubling down on.

Carrie Vormohr of Serendipity Medical Spa stresses the importance of sleep during the holidays.

“You will look and feel better and have a fresh mind to focus,” she said. “And in the off chance you did not bank all of the sleep you wanted, we have a whole host of treatments that can help you fake it until you make it.”

Now get out there and make this a memorable holiday season for the No. 1 person on your list.