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DENTIST PROFILES 2017 Healthy smile, healthy you


Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Practicing good oral health habits to maintain teeth and gums in top condition can actually help prevent certain diseases.

It’s important to see a dentist twice a year for a check-up and cleaning. They will help with tartar control, cavity prevention and keeping an overall healthy mouth. They serve as your first line of defense and will be able to help guide you toward good habits.

Teaching kids good brushing and flossing habits early is essential to their health. Your dentist can recommend accessories to make brushing more fun. Parents also want to ensure that going to the dentist is a fun experience. A pediatric dentist is a great place to start. From fun prizes to child-size chairs, dentists who specialize in kids will provide a positive experience for younger children. 

If your dentist detects serious tooth or gum issues, it’s time to see a specialist. He or she might refer you to a periodontist for treatment. Periodontists go through extensive training to tackle these tough issues.

Many adults and children suffer from mal-aligned, discolored or damaged teeth. These imperfections are not purely cosmetic, but can also indicate or lead to other issues. Many orthodontists will begin to take corrective action early. But it’s never too late for adults to get braces.

For discoloration, gaps, and other types of damage, a cosmetic dentist can help make you much more comfortable with your smile with bonding, veneers, or whitening treatments. Modern best practices and technologies make these procedures easy for the patient. After all, a smile you feel confident about is one that you’re more likely to take good care of.