delishDelisheeyo owner Blake Wearren set out to create a place for people to escape for lunch. An alumni of the Whole Foods Company and a Kentucky native, Blake cooks food that makes you feel good. 

The fruit and veggie smoothies are a quick meal by themselves. The Buddha Bowls, consisting of steamed grain and healthy toppings of your choice, is a favorite of the regulars. 

Delisheeyo aims to keep the community healthy by its commitment to using natural flavors. There are organic, vegan and vegetarian options and fruits and vegetables are chopped daily to create the healthiest and best-flavored dishes. Yogurts and smoothies are prime attractions, but Delisheeyo also offers salads, juices, wraps and soups. 

An online reviewer said Delisheeyo is the go-to place for smoothies and yogurt. 

“If yogurt or smoothies are your thing, then you can’t miss this spot,” the review said. “The guys running this place couldn’t be any nicer. And as someone that makes smoothies several times a week - theirs are worthy. You won’t be disappointed.” 

Another reviewer praised the eclectic menu. 

“I enjoyed one of their great wraps. On the next visit, I enjoyed the Buddha Bowl topped with edamame, feta, and avocado,” the reviewer said. “Everything they do is prepared expertly with fresh ingredients. Anyone will appreciate it and find something they will love to eat.” 

Delisheeyo’s mission is to provide meals that customers can trust, that are real, and healthy. Open Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

32 Palmetto Bay Rd., South End, Hilton Head Island, 843-785- 3633.