Relationship – do you have one with your banker?

Money Report

Now more than ever, a relationship with your banker is the most important financial connection you can make. Uncertain and dynamic economic conditions magnify the advantages that your banking partnership offers.

At Atlantic Community Bank, we place a high priority on forming new associations which are mutually beneficial, and strengthening our existing loan and deposit relationships.

Communication and trust form the foundation of your banking relationship at Atlantic Community Bank.

With these as cornerstones, I help customers grow their business, set goals for the future and provide expertise that will benefit their personal aspirations and business endeavors. Atlantic Community Bank has the resources available and the money to lend to create customized solutions that will promote your current and future needs.
The best resolution you can make for New Year’s is to commit your banking relationship to a financial partner you can depend on.

I am looking forward to working with you in 2009.
— Todd Hoke, Chief Credit Officer