Adversity creates opportunities

Last Call

We have been faced with a lot in the last two years. 

The anxiousness of how Covid influences our lives; divided opinions about masks, politics, abortion rights, to name just a few; an economy that faces labor shortages and supply-chain issues. 

On top of these short-term challenges comes the realization that climate change is real, with negative impacts that can be felt across the country. 

It’s time to take a deep breath!

It’s also time to put things in perspective and not just follow the negativity of most news outlets and the hype of social media. 

If you look deeper, you will discover that there are real solutions being implemented and that overall the world is making progress toward — may I dare to say — “better prospects.”

Historically adversity has always created opportunities. It gives us a chance to re-tool our economy to be less dependent of China and work toward becoming ecologically more sustainable.

Here in the Lowcountry we can find some solace in the fact that we are surrounded by beautiful nature, the experience that neighbors can also become our friends and, compared to many cities, our challenges tend to be more manageable. 

In a period of uncertainty, we need to find resolve within ourselves and accept what life throws at us, so that we can re-set our compass and be open for new opportunities and become part of the solution. 

Here at Monthly we have always strived to be part of an encouraging outlook by connecting the community with relevant stories covering all aspects of daily life. 

Over the last quarter of a century, we have faced many challenges but always remained steadfast in our resolve to make a positive difference by informing and inspiring our readers.

Fulfilling our mission of being the “Voice of the Lowcountry” would, of course, not be possible without our very engaged readers, our loyal advertisers and the fabulous team at Monthly that works hard every day to publish a trustworthy local information source.

Thank you to all! We feel fortunate. 

Wishing you a healthy, successful and Happy New Year!

Quote: “In a time of uncertainty, we need to find resolve within ourselves”