Publisher Anuska Frey, S.C. Sen. Tom Davis and editor Carol Weir mask up.

Dear Reader

In July, the Lowcountry welcomes thousands of visitors who flock here for precious vacations with family and friends. Tourism is one of the largest job creators in the Lowcountry and we are grateful that so many families want to spend their time and money here. 

While respecting social distancing, publisher Anuska Frey and editor Carol Weir celebrated seeing each other again after eight weeks of working from home.

Dear Reader

When we sent our June issue to the printer, the Monthly team was working remotely—but like the rest of the Lowcountry, beginning to venture out in the world as it reopened. As restrictions have been lifted and visitors arrive to enjoy their summer vacations, we feel relief that our local economy is up and running again and hope that we can move about safely.

anuska carolThe pandemic has upset our country’s norms, disrupted our daily lives. But it also brings great faith: We know this, too, shall pass, and it’s been a reminder that if we have our health and our loved ones — friends, family and community — then life is good. And if we are sick or in need, these same people are there to comfort and care for us. The outpouring of support we’ve seen during the pandemic has only strengthened our resolve to continue to keep the community connected.


You might have recently heard about plans for the acquisition and expansion of the facilities at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, as well as a collaborative arrangement with the University of South Carolina Beaufort to locate its new production design major at the arts center campus.

While the discussions are still in the early stages, there will be no changes to the arts center’s organization, mission or role; we will still focus on education, community outreach and staging performing arts productions in our current facility. The plans include the sale, improvement and development of the arts center’s 4.6-acre campus to broaden its use by USCB and the island arts community, as well as where the arts center will continue to operate.

anuska carol marchDear Reader,

Spring is here with its insistence on new life, renewal and hope. At Monthly, we are full of energy and embracing this gorgeous season.

Check out our “The Essential South” section for articles that explore the cultural traditions, food, entrepreneurs and more that make this part of the country special. Have you ever heard a Southern expression and weren’t sure what it meant? No worries, Barry Kaufman offers a guide to some of the basics of Southern slang. You’ll be fixin’ to try out some of the sayings in no time.

Dear Reader,

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”

While reading about love and thinking about Valentine’s Day, we happened upon this quote by 19th-century French author Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, who wrote under the pseudonym George Sand. At Monthly, we agree: Nothing compares to love — not money, intelligence, good looks or fame. 

Happy new decade! Over the past 35 years, we at Monthly have followed our mission to be the “Voice of the community.” We have grown to be the leading local media channel that inspires, informs and, most importantly, connects Lowcountry residents. 

As we welcome the new decade, we decided to turn a new page in our long history and make VOICE our new brand going forward. While the word “Monthly” denoted our publishing frequency, we feel “Voice” is more telling of who we are and what we aim to do: Convey all the stories worth telling by covering a wide spectrum of topics, and give our audience a true sense of place. Through our online and social presence, our newsletters, the print edition and other specialty publications, we are uniquely positioned to make a positive difference in our community by being dedicated to local journalism and the place we call home. 

Dear Reader,

A look at the dedication that went into Monthly in 2019, by the numbers: 


  2,174 PAGES 

          1 COMMUNITY

anuskacarol nov19Dear Reader,

In between courses of turkey and pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving presents an annual opportunity for reflection. At Monthly, we’re profoundly grateful for many things: for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful destination, for our friends and family, and for having the chance to participate in our readers’ lives.

Despite the many culinary preparations that go along with Thanksgiving, the meal is the centerpiece — but it’s not the celebration. Whether the feast is transcendent or simple, Thanksgiving is defined by the act of coming together. It’s also an opportunity to extend the ritual of gratitude outside of ourselves. Bring everyone you can to the table or let yourself be brought to it. Give thanks for what you have and whom you love.


Dear Reader,

Here at Monthly, we’re feeling grateful that the Lowcountry escaped the wrath of Hurricane Dorian — and sad for residents of the Bahamas who were not as lucky. We encourage you to donate to the recovery efforts for them and for Texas, which was hit hard with flooding after Tropical Storm Imelda, through reputable charities such as the American Red Cross and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We hope we will never again need their disaster relief services here, but it could have been us.