At the Helm: November 2017

At the Helm

anuska Mike RitterbeckDear Reader,

In the Lowcountry, we all live surrounded by luxury. It’s everywhere, as ever-present as the tides and the marsh grass. 

It’s in the sleek lines of a multi-million dollar yacht docked at one of our marinas. It’s in the solid metallic clink of a well-aimed tee shot down crisply manicured greens on a world-class golf course. It’s in the throaty purr of a sports car winding down live oak-lined streets in front of elegant Lowcountry homes. Luxury has a seat at the table in our famed restaurants that promise tantalizing culinary adventures within.

With our luxury issue we’re giving this dedication to the finer things in life its due. Join us as we celebrate top quality craftsmanship in a story about Jim McWilliams’ Hinckley yacht. Get giddy with us as we suggest several wonderful varieties of Champagne. For many busy people, time is a luxury that money can’t buy. In this issue, we take time to reflect on the pace of modern life and ways to be present in the moment.

We’re also packing our bags for a few of the world’s finest luxury vacations, suggested by a trio of travel experts with intimate knowledge of five-star destinations. Butremember, you don’t have to travel far to experience luxury. We’re lucky to live near world class resort Palmetto Bluff, and this issue includes the inside scoop on planning a staycation there.

Debbie BrewerBefore we jump into the first feature, I’d like to take a moment and welcome a very special member of our team. Debbie Brewer has joined the Monthly family as director of marketing and operations. She was formerly vice president of marketing for Bank of America and then was part of a start-up that grew up to be a leader in the automobile industry. We’re very excited to see what Debbie’s energy, enthusiasm and experience bring to our organization.

She joins a staff that I’m grateful for every day. Personally, I’m focusing on gratitudethese days as we get closer to Thanksgiving, and I’m thankful for the hard work, dedication and fellowship of everyone here at Monthly. I’m also thankful for you, our readers, for inviting us into your home each month. I’m thankful for my family who live here, around the U.S. and overseas. 

And I’m grateful for this gorgeous place we call home, where the beauty of the natural world and the warmth of community sustain us during every season of the year.


Anuska Frey, Publisher