Teamwork makes it happen

At the Helm


Left to right: Audrey Clayton, Allison Venrick, Anuska Frey, Kelly Spinella and Mike Lupi

Dear Reader,
With school out and Father’s Day coming soon, June is a special month full of energy. Some are celebrating their long standing work in the community, like J. Banks Design, celebrating 30 years, Boys, Arnold & Company, and The Cypress for 25 years. Engagements and weddings are bustling with the start of summer, and we are excited to highlight a few gorgeous venues, brides and vendors who continually create amazing events. Father’s Day makes it a truly special month though. Capturing a special moment between father and child on the cover, we took this opportunity to take a special look at the roles fathers can take in this day and age. It’s not always the 9-5 of yesteryear any longer.

Colorful salads cover several pages, helping you make good choices during bathing suit season. And taking a good look at hurricane season came a lot easier this year, needless to say.

In the issues to come, we want to highlight the members of MONTHLY who make this magazine a reality. We are truly thankful for each and every one. This month we are proud to present our Creative Team, comprised of three very talented designers. Mike Lupi is our acting Art and Production Director, Kelly Spinella is our new Creative Director and Allison Venrick is assisting with Graphic Design and Production.

Also, this issue was brought to you in large part by a wonderful Guest Editor Audrey Clayton, who magically juggles family, running a business, and special assignments simultaneously.

As always, we encourage you to connect with us to give us feedback and input on new stories. You can do so by emailing or lling out the form in the “About” section of Monthly’s Facebook page.

Anuska Frey, Publisher