When I was the editor of a weekly newspaper, December was always one of my most favorite months because I had the opportunity to read some of the area’s most enjoyable and meaningful works — letters to Santa Claus.

We invited the young students from the schools to write letters to Saint Nick, and then we shared them with our readers. I have fond memories of sitting after-hours at the office with stacks of letters (easily in the hundreds) covering my desk as I read heartfelt wishes.

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We are so excited for the holiday season — truly the most wonderful time of the year.

The season is a time to give to others and embrace the time we spend with our loved ones. We appreciate that you are sharing some of your valued time with us by reading this issue.

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November is the perfect time to appreciate what is important to us. We appreciate you, our loyal readers.

We are so thankful that we can share with you the area’s most compelling and fascinating stories and we appreciate all of you who are connected to us.

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I love the holidays.

I love the music. I love the decorations. I even love the cheesy television movies. But most of all I love the traditions.

Someone I know makes it a tradition to walk on the beach each Thanksgiving morning. Later on, she calls her family to wish them a happy Thanksgiving and then spends the day alone, reading and watching movies. It’s her perfect holiday — peaceful and quiet.

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The moment of realization was exhilarating and satisfying. No instant internet searching. No smartphone scrolling. No flipping through worn pages.

Instead, an answer was plucked from the far reaches of my memory.

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The cool autumn weather arrives this month, and we are pleased to showcase some of the coolest aspects of the Lowcountry.

We have an inspiring art scene in our area and are fortunate to be graced with some top talent. Learn about Hilton Head Big Band, a nonprofit that helps support music education for children.

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The world is coming undone. The world is prospering like never before.

We are living in troubled times. We are living in times of great progress.

A radio conversation on the perception of the world’s perils piqued my interest recently, and further research led me down a rabbit hole of discovery.

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There is so much to love about the Lowcountry, and it’s not much of a secret anymore: we are in a great place to live, work and play.

Each September we publish our annual City Guide, which offers our readers a chance to learn a little more about the places we love, including a snapshot by the numbers of growth and development.

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The New York Times contributing opinion writer Frank Bruni has an insightful weekly newsletter that offers his thoughts on politics, life and “matters of national importance.”

Of the highest importance — and often most anticipated —are updates on his dog, Regan.

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We love putting together each issue of Monthly, but we especially enjoy August when we publish the results of our annual Cutest Pets contest.

This year we had more than 300 entries, including a variety of dogs and cats, guinea pigs and a couple of horses.

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The words on the screen mocked me: “Trying to connect.”

First they taunted me from my laptop, and then the derision continued from my phone. All connections were lost.

The internet was out.

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The summer is heating up across the Lowcountry, and we are enjoying the chance to get outside and partake in the many activities in our area.

We are accustomed to the sizzling temperatures, which can’t deter us from reveling in the fun events and enjoying the friendly companionship throughout our communities.

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June is when we truly realize just how good we’ve got it in the Lowcountry — we get the chance to enjoy our wonderful weather, beautiful beaches and fun summer events.

This is a wonderful time to be outside and enjoy each other’s company.

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When Steve Jobs stood on a stage way back in October 2001, few could imagine that the product he was launching would have a lasting impact on our lives. 

The Apple iPod, a device that could hold “1,000 songs in your pocket,” was revealed.

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