Good Health Unlimited presents Back to School Lunch 101

Children need nutrition to concentrate, learn, and participate in school activities. A growling stomach is a real distraction. Healthy school lunches are another way to show your children that you love and support them and that you are thinking of them during the day.

However, back to school lunches that are healthy and children will actually eat can be a challenge for many parents. Nutrient-rich foods from several food groups will supply protein, fat and carbohydrates to benefit a child, educationally, nutritionally and physically and provide energy throughout the day -- not to mention preventing a drop in blood sugar.

Involve your children in back to school lunch selections and preparations by teaching them what each food group brings to the meal. Also, listen to your children's personal tastes in foods and remember, good food warms the tummy, but a little note in the lunchbox warms the heart.

Carbohydrates: Fruit, bread, crackers, juice

Protein: Milk, cheese, yogurt, lean meat and beans

Good fats: Nuts, nut butter, meat and some dairy products


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