musicmay1404Self-proclaimed local living legend Jevon Daly, one of the few instructors working out of John’s Music, has been teaching for more than 20 years. He is well known for his chameleon-like talent on a number of instruments, as well as playing in a diverse set of bands ranging from the bluegrass roots of Low Country Boil, a local delicacy, to the outrageous ‘80s hair-band of Silicone Sister.

Daly wears many faces and wears them proudly, teaching his pupils to keep an open mind to all types of music.

Some of his former students are also well known in the scene, stellar rockers such as Luke Mitchell and Kevin Early of Rowdy Cloud, Tyler Dejean of Wrong Way Up, and the young and uber talented Hannah Wicklund of the Steppin’ Stones.

Daly is surprisingly modest about not taking too much credit for their technical success as players but feels he may have had a larger part in molding their confidence as musicians.

His approach to teaching is a bit different from most instructors but his strategy seems to be working out quite well. He finds it most rewarding when students swallow their pride and play a song they’ve flat out refused to play, and the look of understanding that follows.

musicmay1403He believes that all music has its place, some of which he teaches as a building block and other music that would not truly be understood if it weren’t for that solid foundation.

This stems from his upbringing, where his father Mike Daly, another talented local musician, would make him listen to old blues tunes and other albums he had little interest in. But as he grew older, he understood his father’s reasoning. He now carries that same torch.

Daly’s teaching style might not jive with everybody, but that’s OK, because John’s Music has three other highly regarded and accomplished instructors from which to choose. Nick Primiano, a retired school teacher and guitar instructor who is a frequent host of the open mic nights; Rich Vuillemot, a multi-instrumentalist with the band Trillium who has been teaching for more than 15 years; and string extraordinaire David Kimbell, a local musician for more than 30 years and a regular player at the Arts Center who teaches a variety of instruments, from violin and cello to upright bass.

So whether you’re a 60-something checking off your bucket list or a kid picking up a guitar for the first time, John’s Music has you covered.