Mother-daughter duo rejuvenate beauty business

Tara Powers and Beverly MartinWhen the going gets tough, the tough reinvent themselves. At least that’s Beverly Martin’s business philosophy. Faced with an expiring lease and a challenging economy, the popular hairstylist and savvy salon owner made the bold decision to buck the headlines, renew and expand.

Le Spa gets a new look and a new lease on life special business spotlight Le Spa at Sea Pines Center, which has been providing clients with updated looks and new attitudes since 1993, has recently undergone a radical makeover. Renovations began in January and are expected to be complete mid-August.

“It became a family affair,” said Martin, extolling her husband and nephew, her daughter’s mother-in-law, and others who devoted energy, time and talent to the project to keep costs down.

Additions include a brand new space devoted to hair and nails and wellseparated from spa treatment rooms; new stateof-the-art equipment for skin analysis, advanced skincare and anti-aging treatments; and updated furnishings, lighting, mirrors, décor and more.

One of the most exciting changes, according to Martin, is the spa’s professional a liation with renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Ronald Finger, who will serve as medical director. Finger will offer consultations for facial rejuvenation and will provide injectables as well as chemical peels, laser treatments and other non-surgical skincare alternatives. He has two dedicated treatment rooms of his own and will be available two days per month and as needed.

Coming on board as manager and co-owner of the newlyrenovated spa is Martin’s daughter, Tara Powers, who is infusing the business with youthful ideas and a fresh perspective. Together, mother and daughter are establishing a strong team to provide the highest level of service to clients. A blend of new employees and the tried-and-true, Martin said, “The young can learn, but the old [and she includes herself in this category] are being re-energized and challenged to step it up.”

In the beauty business since 1963, Martin makes a point to stay fresh and focused on the next new wave. “You have to keep ahead of the game and keep up with the new trends—you can’t get stale in this business,” she said.

Some see Martin’s latest move as a possible passing of the torch. While she admits this may be a first step toward retirement, Martin said, “It might be a while, because I love this.”

In spite of the inherent challenges of business ownership, Martin is driven by the deep satisfaction she gets from making people feel good. “If somebody comes in and they’re having a bad day and they leave feeling good about themselves, it’s worth a million dollars,” she said. Martin’s plan is to continue serving her clients at Tara of Hilton Head while helping out at Le Spa one or two days a week.

While Powers relishes the opportunity to partner with her mom, she admits she has big shoes to fill. “People think I’m going to automatically be just like her, and I’m not. I’ll put my spin on it, and it will be a little different. But I’m always going to have a piece of her with me, because I like to make people feel happy just like she does.”

Martin’s advice to her daughter? “Have patience with everyone around you—workers, the clients. Take a deep breath, and think before you talk or act. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. That’s the most important thing.”