Your Life Vol. 2

0712_retirementopenerA New Chapter Begins
Take a bow. You’ve done it.
Through financial crises, housing market bubbles and a 401(k) that went from a nest egg to an Egg McMuffin, you’ve soldiered onward to retirement.

And now it’s time to just take it easy after all that, right?
All that was just Vol. 1. That was just a  preamble to the next big adventure. And that adventure starts right now. But first, you need to get your finances lined up, your house in order, and your health in check.
Your Life, Vol. II starts now.

Your Life, Vol. II No. 1: The price of retirement

Your Life, Vol. II No. 2: Aging in place

Your Life Vol. II, No. 3: Staying healthy

Your Life Vol. II, No. 4: Time to Give