Taking a bite out of the apocalypse

mayan-chocolateFrom the “Take a bite out of the apocalypse” dept.:

If you’re like us, the (possible) coming apocalypse of Dec. 21 is really bumming you out. After all, the end of the world affects us all, since that’s where we keep all our stuff.

Enter Bluffton entrepreneur Vince Ferullo, with a business plan that exemplifies the old motto, “It’s just so crazy it might work.” According to the greatest press release ever written, if people have chocolate imprinted with the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan Chocolate God, there is a chance we can continue living past the 21st of December.

“Just in case the Mayans have this date right, if we show a little respect to their calendar by placing it on a large chocolate piece, we may just be saved,” Ferullo said. It’s worth a shot. Check out www.Mayanchocolate2012.com to buy your own*, or don’t and let the world end. Your call.