What Matters Most


As investment managers, we believe the purpose of investing is to expand what is possible financially so that you can align your life with what matters most to you. Therefore, the first step to developing a successful investment strategy is to get greater clarity on your life priorities. Once your priorities are clear, then you can create a financial plan and an investment strategy to bring your priorities to life. The beginning of a new year is a great time to sort out your priorities  – especially a new year that holds great promise for seeing the end of a pandemic and a return to life as we once knew it.

We believe the following envisioning process can help you get clarity on what you would like your life to look like in 2021 and beyond

First, assess the following five areas of your life:

  1. HEALTH: Do you feel healthy? Are you in the shape you want to be? Are you happy with your weight? What areas of your health would you like to work on in 2021?
  2. WEALTH: Are you making more than you are spending? Are your expenses aligned with what matters most to you? Are you happy with the amount you are saving and with how you are investing your savings? Are you on track to meet your financial goals? What could you do to increase your wealth in 2021?
  3. PEOPLE: Who do you spend the most time with?  Who would you like to spend more time with?  Are their people in your life that you would like to spend less time with? Are you in supportive and fulfilling relationships at home, with your friends and in the workplace?
  4. PLACES:  Do you enjoy where you live and where you work? Are there changes you could make to your home or your office that would make them more enjoyable?
  5. PURSUITS: Are you doing things that bring you happiness?  Do you enjoy your work? Are there sports or hobbies you would like to start? Is there training or learning you would like to pursue? Are there activities in your life that you would like to eliminate?

Next, answer the following questions:

  • Based on your answers to these questions, how would you rank your current satisfaction with each area of your life on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • What would a 10 look like in each area?
  • What actions are you willing to commit to taking the next 90 days to move towards a 10 in each area of your life.

IT CAN BE SIMPLE: Walk two miles twice per week, keep track of what you spend for a week or sign up for guitar lessons. Hold yourself accountable or do this with your spouse and help to hold each other accountable.  Set some goals and then after 90 days, do the same exercise again.  Incrementally, you will begin to pay attention and bring more intent and consciousness to how you are living your life.

Will Verity is the CEO of Verity Investment Partners (VIP), a boutique investment advisory firm serving individual investors and their families with offices in Bluffton and Beaufort. VIP offers a holistic approach to investment management that encompasses financial planning, investment strategy and ongoing portfolio management. The firm specializes in structuring dividend growth investment solutions designed to deliver targeted levels of annual income and income growth while keeping savings invested to grow over time. Learn more at  verityvip.com.

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