Be a Better Boss


Attracting and retaining top talent is the not-so-secret weapon of every successful business. When employees feel they’re cared for and respected, that good energy is transferred to customer care.

We can all agree that employees are the backbone of your business — without their support, your company falls apart. Essentially, their success is your success. But do you have an employee engagement plan that strengthens the “bones” of your organization while helping them grow?

Here are four ways to help you focus on your employees: 

Provide opportunities for professional growth. Employees should feel challenged and inspired — and you should always be looking out for future leaders within your company. Employees with drive and high potential are often not satisfied with staying where they are for long. It is important to recognize potential in these employees and offer them avenues to strengthen their skillsets.

betterbosCommunicate the vision. By consistently sharing what is happening with and within the company, you give your employees security. Without communication, your employees can become unsure of their futures, as well as the future of the company. As leaders, we sometimes share information only with key decision-makers. A lack of communication means employees are left to fill in the blanks on their own. By communicating with your employees, you are not only relaying crucial information to them, but you are also bringing them into the “inner” circle.

Recognize work well done. This should be a no brainer — we all like to be recognized for our achievements. When your employees know their contributions are appreciated, they will strive to receive recognition again and again. A sincere offer of gratitude goes a long way to boost morale and communicates to employees that you notice those taking extra care and effort with their work.

Trust your team. Resist the urge to micro-manage or over-manage. You have built a solid team around you, so use it. Trust their skills. Allow your employees to take on more responsibility. Give them the freedom to handle their mistakes as learning opportunities rather than failures.

Dave Ferguson is an international executive leadership coach, speaker, facilitator and author. Contact him at 704-907-0171 or at Ferguson lives on Hilton Head Island